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Used cloths and shoes

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Price : USD 2

Primary Business Activity Selling / Exporting Products / Services Dried Fruits : Dates. Plastic Raw Materials : HDPE and PP Granules. Cosmetics : Perfumes. Garments : Shirts & Polo T-Shirts. Bakery & Confectionery Items : Sweet Biscuits. Home Textiles & Furnishings : Cotton Bedsheets. Minerals : Copper Ores, Beryl Ores, Raw Bauxite Ores. Agricultural Products : Rice, Corn, Red Millet, Wheat. Edible Oils : Refined Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil. Dry Fruits : Cashew Nuts, Almond Nuts, Walnuts, Pistachio Nuts. Food Products : Spaghetti, Spaghetti Pasta, Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Paste. Pulses & Lentils : Chickpeas, Red Split Lentils, Yellow Split Peas, Kidney Beans, Green Mung Beans, Chana Dal. Spices : Chili Pepper Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Green Cardamom, Dried Clove, Red Chilly Powder, Turmeric ,Seasonings, Chia Seeds. Seafood : White Wild Shrimp, Black Tiger Shrimps, Dried Sea-Cucumber, Ribbon Fish, Ocean Perch ( Red Fish), Mackerel, Crabs, Fresh & Dried Fish, Sardine Fish, Alaska Pollock Fish, Mackerel Fish, Rohu Fish, Crabs, Dry & Fresh Shrimps, Crab Shell, Octopus, Ribbon, Sea Cucumber, Alaska Pollock. Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages : Coca Cola Soft Drinks, Monster Energy Drinks, Red Bull Energy Drink, Heineken Beer, German Beer And European Beer, Vodka, Tea, Coca Cola Soft Drink, Fanta Soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Barbican Carbonated Drinks, Frozen Loganberry, Coke Cans, Pepsi Range Cans, Red Bull Cans, Franziskaner Beer, Klinskoye Beer, Jupiler Beer, Michelob Beer Capri Sonne Juice, Nata De Coco Juice, Tsingtao Beer, Soft Drinks, Energy Drink, Whisky ,Guava Juice Concentrate, Banana Juice Concentrate, Pawpaw Juice Concentrate, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Kiwi Fruit Juice Concentrate, Mango Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice ,Carrot Juice. Chemicals : Stearic Acid, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Potassium Chloride, Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Sodium Triphosphate (STPP), Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Ascorbic Acid, L-Menthol, Rivanol. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables : Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Lemon, Avocado, Ginger, Garlic, Carrot, Onion, Bananas, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Artichokes, Canned Lychee & Sweet Corn, Figs, Rambutan, Mandarin, Mango, Blueberries, Cabbages, Beans, Pear, Plum, Garlic, Ginger, Okra, Canned Pineapples. Agricultural Commodities : Brown Parboiled Rice, Long Grain White Rice, Jasmine Rice, Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Yellow Corn & Maize. Fasteners : Nuts. Meat & Poultry Products : Halal Frozen Boneless Buffalo Meat, Parrot Fertile Eggs, Halal Frozen Chicken, Feet, Whole Frozen Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws, Chicken Eggs, Frozen Chicken Wings, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Paws, Chicken Feet, Chicken Heart, Chicken Tail, Frozen Pork Leg, Frozen Pork Front Feet, Frozen, Pork Sausage, Pork Ham, Pork Ears, Meat, Eggs. Coffee Beans, Scraps Occ Scrap, OINP, ONP, OIP, Waste Paper Scrap, Copper Scraps, Aluminium Scraps, Alloy Wheel Scraps, Graphite Electrodes, Coal, Raw Sugar, Wood Logs Pallet, Copy Papers, Animal Feeds, Livestock, Timber / Wood, Ayous, Iroko Teak, Tali, Padouk, Forklifts, Fish Meal, Blood Meal, Corn Meal, Charcoal, Cocoa, Coconut, Rubber, Palm Kennel, Betel Nuts, Cassava Starch, Coffee, Mushroom Truffles, Medicinal Plants, Maori, Rosewood Mahogany, Sappele Mbete, Dossier Bubinga, Hardwood, Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Drugs, Sulphate, Amoxicillin, Analgin, Aspirin, Anthralin, Albendazole, Azithromycin, Bacitracin, Benzocaine, Colistin Sulfate, Camellia Sinensis, Cascara Extract, Carbadox, Ciprofloxacin, Ceftiofur Sodium, Clopidol, Dexamethasone Sodium, Doxycycline, Eucalyptus Oil, Lincomycin Hcl, Erythromycin, Enrofloxacin, Furazolidone, Flumequine, Florfenicol, Gentamicin, Glucomannan, Heparin Sodium, Ketoprofen, Levamisole Hcl, Levofloxacin, Metformin Hcl, Mupirocin, Norfloxacin Base, Neomycin Sulfate, Nevirapine, Oxytetracycline Hcl, Prednisolone, Pepsin, Paracetamol, Resorcinol, Rifaximin, Spectinomycin Sulphate, Spironolactone, Tiamulin, Tetracaine Hcl, Tilmicosin, Dried Papaya, Chia Seed Drink, Coconuts, Hardwood Charcoal, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Coffee Beans, Wet Salted Donkey Hides & Skin, Sisal Fiber, Frozen Salmon Heads, Low Fat Yogurt, Palm Sugar, Whole Roasted Eggplant, Fridge Compressor Scrap, Aluminium Ingot, Stainless Steel, Saffron, Sesame Residue Powder, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Seed, Hot Washed Pet Recycled Flakes, Waste Paper Scrap, Sesame Seeds, Full Cream Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Infant Baby Milk, Powder, Dried Garlic Flakes, Soy Sauce Powder, Raw Cotton, Concentrate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Sodium Saccharin, Toilet Flush Valve, Fresh Button Mushroom, Yeast Extract Powder, Corn Flakes, Canned Foods, Macadamia Nuts, Pine Nut kernels, Brazil Nuts, Cottonseed Hull Pellets, Frozen Yogurt Powder, Big Bags, Peanuts, Soy Milk Powder, Nutrilon Infant Milk Powder, Carrot Juice Concentrate, Popcorn Mushroom Kernels, Used Vegetable Cooking Oil, Soy Fatty Acid, Coconut Oil, Flour, Iron Powder, Canned Soybeans Sprouts, Canned Corned Beef, Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots, Pecan Nut, Lotus Seeds, Evaporated Milk Powder, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Vanilla Beans, Whey Protein Concentrate, Popcorn Kernels, Coconut, Sorghum Grain Meal, Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, Peanut butter, Fish Meal, Alfalfa Hay, Soybean Meal, Sunflower Seed Meal, Wood Pellet, Salted Peanuts, Canned Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Starch, Sugar Icumsa 45, Corn Starch, Butter Beans, Urea Fertilizers, Roasted Buckwheat,Raw Meat Bone Meal, Charcoal, Cocoa Powder, A4 Copy Paper, Tapioca Starch, Human Hair Extensions, Pure Natural Honey, Canned Fruit Cocktails ( Tropical), Confectionery, Rough Diamonds, Copper, Ferro Silicone Manganese, Animal Feeds, Cashew Nuts Shell Liquid, Clear Solvent Low Aromatic Industrial White Spirit, Cattle Fodder, Anhydrous Milk Fat, Green Millet ( Bajra ), Wheat Straw, Self-baking Slectrodes(Electrode Paste/Electrode Mass), Carbon Electrode and Graphite Electrodes.
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